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Cutlery set: 1 knife - 1 fork - 1 spoon - 1 straw

Extras: 1 toothbrush  and 1 straw cleaning brush

Storage: 1 metal box


  • The eco-friendly bamboo cutlery set contains everything you need to eat on the go. It doesn't matter whether its lunch in the office, a picnic in the park, a snack while travelling or on a hike. Forget plastic straws for the "milkshake to-go", bamboo straw is included in the pack
  • The set consists of 100% biodegradable bamboo packed in a practical metal box and an additional cleaning brush for straws
  • All components are reusable, resistant and washable but not suitable for the dishwasher


Natural bamboo set with cutlery, straw and toothbrush

Artikelnummer: 0004
16,95 €Preis
  • Das biologisch abbaubare, unbehandelte Bambusbesteck von C4wrd Kitchen passt in jede Tasche oder Rucksack und ist ultraleicht. Es kann sicher in der Metallbox verstaut werden, um es für Ihre nächste Mittagspause immer dabei zu haben.

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